Sunday, July 4, 2010

wish i had newer stuff to show off

EID sized sushi set. it's slightly larger than 1:3....special request from a DoA member.

yes yes. i know about the soya sauce. :(

largest items i've made so far, in terms of scale. and i will definitely get to that technical post about scales and stuff, just feeling really lackluster lately.

does anyone really read this crap i type anyway?
blah blah blah

played with paints this morning. and some extra large mochi for...i donno. either huge charms or props, i haven't decided. they're approx 2.25cm wide, made them with leftover clay. i realise i'm quite crap at painting. i want an airbrush!!

also, got some cheapo wrapping paper, thought they might be suitable to make little retro looking bags. but i have no idea what they could be holding. candy? chocolate? even tried to make a box but....ahhh feeling so blah. i think i still prefer working with clay. i've got so much unfinished crap lying around it's driving me insane.



  1. sorry you are feeling a bit off. Don't know whether it helps but some of us are reading, even the bits that say blah blah blah. ;-)

  2. I know the feeling, have it now and then. But did read your blah blah blahs :D

  3. Ms Blah, your sushi is perfection in the making, shan't comment on the soya sauce although if I had made that, I would probably pat myself on the back for finally mastering epoxy/ resin. Make new soya sauce and use these for other projects if you are not happy ?

    But that mochi, omg, that mochi! I want to reach into my comp and put one n my mouth. I would probably complain that it is not enough to fill me up seeing it's only 1:3.

    So what did you paint??

  4. LOve these sushis and mochis friends, my god!!
    Unfinished stuff lying around is the way I have always been working...I see what you mean:)
    I do LOVE your stuff!

  5. thank you everyone for your concern....and very kind words on my work! it is indeed encouraging, i was just feeling so awful, until i figured out why, i've caught yet another flu and getting sick (sicker than usual, that is) always upsets me :P

    well nothing to do but rest it out.....and avoid the chocolates!!!

    Sans, i painted the plates, they're half done :( waiting for the metal primer to dry, takes up to 24 hrs wor.....

    *drags aching-feverish body back to bed*

  6. Cindy, your minis look so real!!!
    Perfect! Go to school now~

  7. (((Cindy))) some of us do read what you write. lol ;)

    Looks fabulous and I love the bags! :)

    Feel better dear, real soon! :)

  8. It worked! I unfollowed and followed again and now, you are back showing up in my blogroll. :)

    Just in case you wondered why I floated up to the top. ;)


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