Sunday, July 25, 2010

*rips open packages*

from left to right:

whitefrosty - Cake, cookie and bagel straps

maytel - Oreo Charm

bobolagirl2 - Cake and cupcake charms

mad-aristocrat - Pirate bunny

Kilemia - Pikachu cupcake

these are the lovely prizes (for the dream food contest) i've received over the past few weeks.....i love them to bits! i know my work is nowhere close to 'cutesy', but truly, i adore cutesy stuff, more...and more..and more of late. i think i'm regressing. even the background paper was some cute origami paper that Asuka, Nyann and i came across a while back, and we couldn't resist buying a pack each and swapping for variety XD HURRAH FOR MINI-LOVING FRIENDS! :P

Thank you, Whitefrosty, Maytel, Bobolagirl2, Mad-aristocrat and Kilemia for generously donating the prizes for the contest! imma have much fun with these, nya ha ha...XD

ehhh?? ANTIQUES????

please, note the dime, and gasp, like i did, at how small and detailed these are!

my fave piece, the display shelf :P they know what i like best! :P :P :P :P

my cousin and aunt went on a trip to Taiwan recently, they were so sweet to think of me, and got this from a museum they visited. it wasn't the miniature museum, but the souvenir shop carried 3 different sets of i -think- 1:24 replicas of actual items displayed in the museum. let me go grab the brochure:

"The Roombox of the Rare Treasure"

ok that's as far as i go in trying to quote and do research. wakaka. i can't do anymore, this blog post will be incomplete, and i will have keyboard impressions on my face when i wake up...not to mention an aching back and neck........;P 

i think they are only available at the museum shop itself....i checked out their website and there was a link to a 2nd party online shop, but they don't seem to carry other cousin who went got himself the set that had the jade lettuce. D mentioned that the lettuce was the highlight of the museum, i get confused when more than 1 person is in the room (myself included) so i might be wrong.....feel free to correct me :X

anyway. they also had a stopover in hongkong...and they got me this, which got me squealing and thinking and gushing about it all day that day :X

SEE?? SEE????? omg T-T i'm still a little overcome with emotion, and it's been a little over a week since i received it. 

a fully functional display cabinet!!! in my favoured colour/style for REAL LIFE furniture. is there a distinction? OF COURSE. 

/rambly personal bit on

i do not own a 'proper' roombox except for the 1:6 re-ment one that i got as an anniversary gift (^ ^) and although i tend to favour light coloured furniture for my miniatures, the main reason is it shows off my mini works better, and is easier to photograph than dark coloured furniture. i am a very practical person :( and have you noticed, darker furniture makes the dust appear more obvious?!?!? coupled with my poor housekeeping skills, i really should NOT own any dark items...but i do so love mahogany and other dark coloured or darkly stained woods. anyway. i'm so happy my cousin and aunt chose this piece, and that museum souvenir set for me, they are so very 'me'. D must have heard me randomly talk about the cupboard the rest of the day....*snorts* i can't help myself. i really truly very nearly bought the same piece off ebay, but the exorbitant shipping prices deterred me.

i want to add that i don't ordinarily accept gifts and compliments well, i think it can already be rather evident to those closer to me. it's not that i don't appreciate gifts, i really do not have the space to place them, and so i limit even my purchases (another reason why i don't stock up on prop items like cake stands, plates etc, nor sell them with my works) the MAIN FACT is i'm so fussy, it's near impossible to get anything for me XD stop smirking, Asuka!!! YES I KNOW YOU ARE SMIRKING. Sans is too nice to smirk. :P
/rambly personal bit off

and yet, in true contradictory fashion, i got myself a new toy....:X but..but....WHO CAN RESIST HIS CHARMS??? he's been guilty of keeping me up countless nights! i could not stop thinking of him!

 Yotsuba ropes in a professional to help her with her 'puzzle'

Time for a tea break

"Yotsuba, may I know what you are trying to do?"
"I'm helping you write clues into your journal, Professor Layton!!"
"Yotsuba, a true lady does not scribble into someone else's book without permission."

oh i can tell i'm gonna have SOOO much fun already with these 2 XD

my fellow Etsy teammate, Yuki, showed me his acquisition of revoltech's take on one of my favourite game characters on the Nintendo DS. PROFESSOR LAYTON. oh that suave british gentleman.....i think it's his accent that gets me ;) i have completed 136/138 of the puzzles in "Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box"......AND the game, but now i have to go back and find the last 2 puzzles GRRRRRR augh! i hate it when that happens! and it has the number 6 in it!!! AUGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! *gnashes teeth*

anyhow. thank you all for your warm comments, i hadn't realised that i now have over 200 followers! :O i have been so busy trying to recover from tummy and sinus ailments, and i still have to catch up on some commissions and projects...and plan some other stuff....i always try to reply but sometimes, i feel so awkward i don't really know what to say. i think all this communication stuff is really hard, so if i appear weird or unfriendly or is probably because i am :X i don't think i'm that bad in real life....or in real time, where i am able to explain myself better. but truly, i appreciate all comments and constructive criticisms...i always take them into consideration in order to improve myself, and my craft. aiyoh. the mini meet and lovely chat i had with Sans yesterday has gotten me all introspective, hence yet ANOTHER rambly post. *blush* well that and i'm trying to keep away from claying, so that i can heal up and start again on monday!

ok lah *feeling flustered* i'm going to bed. have a good weekend everyone :)


  1. Whoa! So many goodies!!! How wonderful on the winnings and the gifts.

    The museum stuff is cool! :) So, that is half scale... yes?

    I share your love for the dark furniture as well. :) Who dusts? lol ;) I use a paint brush to dust my minis, works quite well.

    (((Cindy))) you are not as awkward as you think. And, in real life, you seem quite normal to me. :)

  2. posts of yotsuba!! why does she have green hair? and why do ppl ask if shes a foreigner? is she Irish? (ok that was lame...) But I love your chinese themed roombox!!

  3. lol Dale! i'm not talking about appearing awkward, i'm talking about -feeling- awkward XD i just feel bad about my tardiness with mind drifts...alot...*dreamy look*


    hahha mr pineapple man! you have green hair too! ;)

  4. The highlight for the museum was the lettuce and a piece of meat :). It's too funny how everyone crowd round the showcase to see them (pieces of stone used to create the meat and lettuce.) I have all the sets :). Sorry ah but I just could not resist.

    If you want to see the meat and lettuce, you can go to the National Museum of Taiwan website. And during our next meet, I can show to you the 1:24 version.

    *no need to reply to this comment..hehe

    PS I think your gifts are beautiful and very special. You must go muah your cousin.

    You and I will never have to worry about fighting over the cutesy stuff :).

  5. Woaaaaw!!!, professeur Layton in flesh!!...well almost;-)
    It was a delight just listening to the music while Neil was playing it!
    And how cute is this pikahu cupcake!!!
    Great gifts, well deserved!

  6. Gwuahh I love that Pirate Bunny! And I saw the Layton figure when I was shopping on Saturday, I wanted to buy it so badly, maybe next time :)

  7. okay so..... I was wondering if you'd be up to talking to me about some of your materials? I've been struggling myself, and would love some tips. I make minis too, but you've mastered it in a way that I totally cannot get over (it's so good) and was wondering if you could help!


Thank you for taking the time out to comment! :D