Thursday, July 15, 2010

not quite a gingerbread house

i had some leftover clay from previous experiments with air dry clay, which explains why the colours turned out the way they did, and why this isn't exactly a gingerbread house XD

probably could dress up the scene a little bit more, but i already feel there's too much going on......had some gumdrops and gummi bears to use, but i couldn't find them AUGH...oh wait. hrm. i think i remember where i left the gummi bears now :O stupid memory organization......*smacks own forehead*

i think my fave has to be the cookie tree! i made like, a whole bunch of these. am still trying to assemble more houses....but i need to head out to the post office soon....

oh forgot to mention how small these are. the house is barely 2cm x 2cm x 2cm :) here's a pic for sense of scale......

the prizes have arrived! i need to take pics of them, man, for a hobby, these little things require plenty of 'work' XD

p.s. Asuka has generously made a gingerbread house tutorial, have you seen it yet??? you can find it here:

i remember squealing in delight when i first saw it...i know mine deviates rather greatly from hers, but she already knows,  i'm terrible at following instructions!! XD XD XD


  1. These are adorable!
    I love the pathwork effect of the two colors :)

  2. wooo. pretty! i cant believe the dimensions. =O

  3. It's lovely, I love the non-colourness of this "gingerbread" house :)

  4. Great house! It's a wonder1

  5. What a small lovely house! and so beautiful detail!

  6. ohhh thank you all for taking the time out to comment....i know i am very tardy and lousy at replying....i always think i have and it turns out, i only did it in my head :-/

    Susanna, Ira, that is exactly it! i was afraid it would look drab, in my mind i wanted something like the 'original' mickey mouse in steamboat willie? i'm glad some others had the same impression! wheee!~

  7. You have always opted for contra-colours like using black for a birthday party and now monochromatic
    neutral for a gingerbread house! These unexpected choices are what made your work stand out, IMO.

  8. oh yeah hor Sans....funny how i didn't even realise that HRMM. my fave colours -are- black and white after all...hehehhe

  9. Cindy, the more on a gingerbread house the better! They are supposed to be a bit on the tacky side. Decorate it up girl! You are off to a fabulous start. :)

    Nobody wants a skinny Santa and nobody wants a plain ginger bread house.:)

    I agree with Sans, you do take things in a new direction. Never thought about mixing up the graham crackers. BTW, the little old lady that lives next door to me is related to the family that made that cracker famous. :) She's a real southern belle. :)

  10. Cindy,

    Remember the other day; I said we would fall asleep in each others' classes! XD


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