Wednesday, June 30, 2010

lengthy personal stuff, skip for the usual boring polymer clay flashbacks....:P
soo pretty, eh??? Dale of dalesdreams came down to Singapore last week! today will be her last day here, and i've been spending some time with her, re-discovering Singapore and wearing out the soles of my slippers XD had a great week, am so glad you came to visit, Dale! i hope it wasn't too boring....:X :X :X and of course i wouldn't forget you, i don't even need a cup to remind me :) it took a visit from a friend so far away to bring together a group of us Singaporean miniaturists! managed to FINALLY meet Sans and Peili....Asuka too (even though we meet all the time ha ha)! i was so excited to meet all of them i am surprised i didn't talk myself hoarse the first two days....XD

anyway, Dale, very thoughtfully picked out a beautiful teaset, Yotsuba doesn't drink that much tea! Yotsuba is more of 1:8-1:10 scale, but she does look somewhat bigger, eh? that's because my camera is always on macro mode :E this teaset will be used over and over again, i will try to be careful with it! there is a box of chocolates waiting for me too, and i totally did not pay heed to my diet, i had reeses' pieces, tanty cakes (sp?), twinkies (which tastes like our version of little teatime cakes available at most neighbourhood confectioneries, except with a lot of cream) and omg, the carbonara. i doggy-bagged some, it was that good....DALE I WANT THE RECIPE!!!! ^ ^

the camera battery ran out, but as with all my fun jaunts, i forget to take pictures. i find the picture-taking very intrusive, but i did take some with my handphone that i can't seem to get OUT of the handphone's really my brother's handphone and i donno where the data cable is :P i'll figure something out. i hope.

anyhow, you can see more pics over at Sans' and Dale's blogs, they are at:

had a great week! but i'm all pooped out from all the activity, and have some orders to catch up on...meanwhile pics from the previous project.....anyway the personal mushy post style makes me all uncomfortable and blushing and stuff...gaahhh *blush* MOVING ALONG!

mostly 1:3 stuff, the mochi are 1:4 though. 

had to make a cane to get the effect. now i have lots of 'cut from the side' strawberry slices XD should be making some strawberry shortcake cakes soon...i think......

the 1:4 mochi icecream. i can't seem to tell the difference 'tween the two, really. 

and the snowskin mooncakes, different than the ones previously blogged about....

made some cases to go with the truffles too...i super duper like these. i moaned and groaned to Asuka about how difficult it was to simulate the drizzle :(

so anyway. that was the stuff i'd been busy with before Dale's the 1:12 stuff i fiddled around with too before i started on the above project...didn't have time to take good pics gah....

toyed around with some design ideas and elements. i think i'll make a range of cakes called "my bloody valentine". *snort*

part of some stuff i gave Dale....with some new strawberry canes i made. i didn't know what to make for her, i don't ordinarily do pink much for my personal stuff! forgot to take pics of the other stuff, but meh, you see 1 cupcake, you've seen 'em all......... XD

ok. back to catching up with requests! i think imma take a break soon..i am still sneezing a lot from the trip to the bird park yesterday. i think i'm allergic to something there......*blows nose* that's it for updates!


  1. Good to have some rehashing heehee was wondering where you disappear to :P your work is soooo realistic, luckily it not 1 to 1 scale or may get eaten by accident lol

  2. Those are probably the best mini snow-skin mooncakes I have seen. Wanted to show you the ones in my fridge and plain forgot. Anyway,the fridge is completely full with all sorts of junk food especially from the States. I think it's called Kandy Kakes- too tired to google..haha.

    It's been a crazy week , hasn't it? I know you have probably heard it too many times but THANK GOD for you . I am going to buy Dale a nice restaurant dinner near my house. Maybe the Hongkong Central place. Asked Dale if you would like to join us but she said you had a lot of orders to catch up? Well, if you wish, you can still come :). Last meal before Dale goes home. SMS me if you read this before 6pm :)

  3. I was so jealous Dale got to pop over and spend time with you gals in your exotic locale! But I have enjoyed seeing the pix on her Facebook! I know you had a great time. And I can't believe your strawberries---so realistic and beautiful. I would like to take a bite!


  4. Everything looks so wonderful! especially the mochis...yum yum

  5. Oh, my little pink cake! :) I just took pictures of this today. And, all of your other goodies! Thank you so much Cindy. You are such a doll. :)

    We did have a good time, didn't we? :)

    They are called Tandy Cakes, made by Tastey Cake only available in the tri state area, I belive. PA, NJ and DE???

    It's a bit of vanilla cake, toppped with peanutbutter and then dipped in chocolate. :) yummy!

    The truffles! My goodness dear! Godiva would be so proud of you, I know I am. You simply must list some of these in your etsy shop... do you have them in there now???

    Wonder if Sans found the curd in her fridge? lol ;) Well, the bread was good. :)

    Wish you had joined us for that last meal, but, I did plumb wear you out, didn't I? I think Asuka had fun. :)

    I had cheese on my seafood rice, I'm thinking that was a bit Americanised. ;)

    Love you dear! :)

  6. I'm back! lol, I see now that the tea set was in the same post. (ditz!)

    I will keep my eye out for something more suitable to Yotsuba's taste. Hey, at least it wasn't pink! lol

    And, do use the mug. If you chip it, it just means it has signs of love from use on it. :)

    Fyi, Cindy does not walk around in slippers. They are flip flops. ;)

    I'll send you the recipe for the carbonara, but, I bet Rosanna would make it better!

  7. I can't stop wondering how you manage to do the seeds of a strawberry. Any tips?


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