Saturday, June 12, 2010

Feature: Mimi Eyes Studio by Denise Pang

i like her tummeh XD

i remember as a child wanting one of these huuuuge soft toy bears, they were rather shoddily made, but this is something i definitely would have done if i owned one XD

and my current fave, Melody as a Matryoshka doll. she's eaten up all the fruits, wah? let's open her up and find out :E

this feature is of someone close to my heart, she's my cousin Denise, and although i'm familiar with the character Melody in this series of works, i hadn't expected see her again after she made an initial appearance in one of my cousin's earlier courseworks. i'm glad she did, and maybe it's cos i'm biased or since i grew up with Denise, i often have feelings of nostalgia whenever i view much of her artwork. i hope they do the same for you. :)

ok enough of the mush, let's chill out! the weekend's here!!!

please lend your support by taking a look at more of Denises' works at the following:

tell her i said 'Hi!!!!'


  1. there's a definite style about your cousin's paintings. :) will go check out more!

  2. Ooooooh, very very cute! Do you know an artist called Carrie Chau from Hongkong? I was a big fan :). By the way, I am currently really crazy over matryoshka dolls. Want them in minis!

    Paased by Bakerzin this afternoon. My goodness, everything about their legendary macarons is true!

  3. thanks Jocelyn and Sans!

    Sans, i googled her and woah, i'd not seen her works before, so cute! and yet quite dark hrm......did you try the caramel ones!?!??!? i love bittersweet stuff meh hadn't thought about macarons in a while and now i'm all :P~~~~~~~~~~~


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