Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New Video: Vacuum Forming for Miniature Making - A Brief Introduction

Hi~! I'm feeling very self-conscious listening to myself, I guess it takes a lot of getting used to. And my voice doesn't sound like me at all.....

I've missed out a few points, but I suppose that will be remedied in future videos, please feel free to leave comments on what you would like me to cover in my next vacuum form video, and I will try to go a little more in-depth to the best of my ability. 

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Thanks for watching! *embarrassed grin*


  1. I saw this video over on pinterest, I found it very useful. I know what you mean about being self concious about making a video but thank you for taking the time to share your experiences.


  2. Loved your video, although I would have liked to see the actual process in action. I'm a little intimidated to try it out but you are the only one giving some insight how to make the plastic smoothie cups.
    I want to make a miniature juice bar and need to stock lots of cups.
    Can you video the actual process?
    Thank you again for sharing. You make great items
    Mish, from "Allieshouse" on Instagram


Thank you for taking the time out to comment! :D