Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Preparing for the workshop

I've been busy preparing some basic items for the upcoming workshop. These are made out of ADC. I came to this decision mainly because it would be terribly inconvenient as a basic course to expect students to invest in an oven for PC, also, ADC seems to be more readily available in SG. Students can expect to learn how to make basic breads, fruits, cakes and pastries in the course.

It should be held from July-Aug, and organized by the library ^ ^  The actual dates and venues will be updated once they've been confirmed :)


have also listed more items on my Etsy! yea...more of the cupcakes but in simpler and sweeter designs :)

you can view more of the pictures in their individual listings here!



been keeping busy, like i've promised ;) building up stocks for TDA 2011, just finished giving these choc chip and nuts cookies a coat of matte polyurethane varnish. They are approx 1.8cm wide, which would make for large cookies for MSD/YoSD, or smaller cookies for SD sized BJDs. if i were to pick, i'd go for the caramel drizzled ones since i'm quite the fiend for caramel flavoured goodies :P

group shot!!! you can click on all the pics for larger versions and a closer look ;) if you're keen on any of the larger items, do contact me at snowfern at gmail dot com as i do not plan to list them...i do hope they sell out at TDA 2011 though! mark June 18th on your calendar!! ^ ^

now, to make more colourful stuff.........;) 


  1. It's 8.09am over here and I'm looking at my healthy breakfast cereal...then at your lovely goodies...stuff the diet, I'm going to the cake shop =0p

    Fabulous work as ever!

  2. Very nice and realistic assortment of cookies, Cindy!

    Excellent idea about using ADC for the workshop.

    Pamela ~

  3. I wish I could take your workshop!! Your cupcakes are beautiful! Maybe you need a cupcake tower for them??? Ha ha!

  4. absolutely lovely and they look so delectable! <3 kyaaaaa! i wish i could join your workshop too. =( i don't suppose having one online in the future is too much to ask? XD i don't mind paying actually. anyway, good job on the cookies! *pats growling tummy*

  5. Cuanto más veo tu trabajo,más me gusta. Es todo tan exacto y delicado. Gracias

  6. I wish I could take the workshop too! I have never tried slice in ADC. It looks amazing!!!

    These choc chip and nuts cookies make me hungry! So realistic and well made!

  7. awww thanks everyone! i'm back from supplies shopping and am excited about my purchases, will update soon ;P

    Carol, i've been checking your etsy...of course i need a cupcake tower, or more!! in various scales too!!!! aiee so much to do..... *panics*

  8. Babe, just finished reading all the posts I missed. ;p. Shikes, already 12.3am and another full day tomorrow!!

    Anyhoo, good to hear that you are already preparing for the library "gig" :) <-- that's the term we used for our dance performance ..teehee.

    Your cookies are amazing and I think those neighbourhood cakes will be popular at the gig.


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