Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Playing with Colours - Part 2

let's have a tea party!!!
but where's the tea? XD
 tarts tarts tarts!
all listed! 3 are available on my Etsy :
and the rest can be found on my new store in Zibbet! :

these are also available here....

and these are in my Zibbet store...

 confused yet? I SURE AM. spent all morning arranging these tiny things, that the sun faded away T-T so spent all afternoon editing the photos sigh......

ANYWAY! these are available on my Zibbet too!
 ok i'll stop plugging the links XD i like Zibbet alot, not only is it free to register and list, there are NO listing fees! AND!!! no commissions nor sales fees :O
 so....i had to offer my latest on my latest fave selling avenue :)
 this pic is so sweet...looking at it i'm even surprised that i would make anything like that....
now this, is more suited to what i favour. like i've mentioned before, i'm getting hooked on pink, though it's unlikely i'd wear it :X NO GLITTER YET THOUGH aieee!!!

obligatory group shot part 3 :P

ANNDD do you miss Yotsuba??? I DO! she's kinda grubby now, hehehe. the cone's small in her hand cos she's about 1:8 or 1:10....if anyone is interested in these, i'll list them on Zibbet, but otherwise i'm quite tired now....

OH YES. some updates. The Doll Affair is back!! for those interested in applying for booths, you can download the dealer form here:

I will be back with Asuka this year and we will be sharing a booth this time ^ ^ not that it's any different from last year, when we shoved our tables together heee!!! a few other things are happening at the same time too, but i'll update when things are more concrete :) oh yea, have you clicked on my facebook page yet? you can find the link on the right toolbar! ->

or here:
there are clues there as to what's happening ;)

hope you liked the pics!


  1. So many beautiful colours, it's fantastic!

  2. Yummie what a delisious sweets!!
    Beautiful work Cindy!!

    Hugs Jollie

  3. I love colors! And the ones you're working with totally rock! This is one of your most amazing posts. Ever. Your talent is extreme!


  4. Cindy, me encantan los colores. Son unos dulces preciosos, como todo lo que haces. Saludos.

  5. The colors are just beautiful! =)

  6. I love the pictures!!!! With more items, the colours really come out. It feels like you are really playing with colours :):)

    I will check out your facebook now!

  7. Yummie... my mouth is watering...

    I Love all this!
    The colours, the sweets, all the Tarts!

  8. You are awesome! :)

    I love you. :)

    Are you on zibbet, now? ;)

    Best wishes deary :)


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