Monday, July 13, 2009

doggy cupcakes, and a whiny entry

fresh batch
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and some older designs but made to be put up for sale on etsy :)

i got an ear infection, my left ear feels blocked and i haven't been able to 'clear' it so i've been given a course of antibiotics and the usual lozenges/cough mixture combo for my red throat :(

results of the blood test were...overall -ok- but i am showing signs of developing diabetes and i have a raised cholesterol level. sigh. the docs had already warned me that it would happen given my strong family history and my prolonged acute/chronic hypertension since 15, so it seems the inevitable has arrived.

BUT! i think it could be the durian i had on the night before the blood test. results were pretty borderline high, so i have to return in 2 weeks for a proper glucose somethingother test. coupled with this horrible flu/ear infection, i'm feeling rather crappy.

and no reply from that customer :(

what a crappy start to the week. at least i have already ordered the nozzles i'd been coveting for so long, so in a few weeks i'll have a new toy to play with YAY! time for meds.

/rant off

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  1. I LOVE the puppy cupcakes but I'd feel horrible about my dollies eating them.



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