Friday, July 19, 2013

Miniature IKEA HUSET furniture set review!

 WOOHOO! Cousin and aunt came over today, and since she had to pick up some items from IKEA, I happily went along, and on the way, babbled incessantly about how I cannot wait for August, the supposed release date for this set. So sorry, but I totally forgot where I first read about it, I do know it was from my FB stream, but I searched and searched and can't find the original link :( 

So anyway, when I came across it, I nearly died from the cuteness!~!~!! Don't care if it's to scale or whatever, it's toooooo cute! The box itself is 19.8 x 11.4 x 29cm (7 3/4 x 4 1/2 x 11 3/8 inches).

SO cute, my friend thought it's supposed to come with 2 sofas, but actually it's the sofa and the slip cover XD 

 so cute. the box has printed and punched drawings to use as background props!
 picture frames, books...
even windows! a fruit bowl that stands!!! and a parakeet!!!! so cute naaaa~

 Green side table LACK (thanks to those who alerted me to this! it didn't come in green so somehow never connected in my mind XD) is 7.1 (W) x 5.85 (H)cm or 2 3/4 x 2 9/32 inches. As for the yellow chair, I think it's the IKEA PS VÅGÖ, and according to the product dimensions, it has a seat height of 36cm. The seat height is approx 4.1cm (at lowest point, brought out my vernier callipers and stuck it through the hole :P), which makes it approximately 1:9 scale. REVISION: I measured it at the highest seat point, and it's 4.6cm, which means it's rounded up to 1:8 scale! You can view how it scales against my Revoltech Yotsuba, she is approximately 1:8 - 1:9 scale so I think it's a better fit for her :S

FAMNIG HJÄRTA heart cushion is 6cm wide (excluding arms!), although the product info says it's 40cm, i measured the 1:1 item instore, and it was approx 45cm. so that makes it approx 1:8 (1:7.5 actually, but if you haven't noticed, i'm mostly rounding up!) scale. 

I'm loving the sofa and the bookcase. The set also comes with a black and white rug, but I'm not gonna measure that :P The KLIPPAN pink sofa is 8.5(H) x 10.85 (W) x 22 (L) 3 5/16 x 4 1/4 x 8 3/4 inches. This makes this approx. 1:8 scale.

The EXPEDIT white shelving unit is 9.9 (W) x 4.9 (D) x 18.8 (H) cm  3 7/8 x 1 15/16 x 7 3/8 inches. So this shelf is also 1:8 scale.

 Of course, Yotsuba is approx 1:8 or 1:9 scale, which means she's more suited for this set (as a kid, she'd of course be smallish when seated on a large sofa!). 

 The sofa cover is removeable, and held together at the bottom with a velcro strip. 

Which means you can slip it off and replace it with your own cover ^ ^ YAY TIME TO PUT THAT SEWING MACHINE TO USE AGAIN. 

So overall, this has been a totally worthwhile purchase, the IKEA fan that I am :D Although it is rather small for Clover (she's a 1:4 10-12 y/o girl), I'm thinking the playscale/Barbie/Pullip/Blythe fans should have this set in their collection! As for BJD collectors, perhaps this could work for a YoSD, more as 'child-sized furniture'. I'll wait for any of my YoSD collector friends to update with photos :P :P :P 

All items are made of ABS plastic, and fabric made of polyester fibre.

BTW, I purchased this at the IKEA Tampines branch, and heard from a friend that the Alexandra branch has stocks too. It costs 25.90 SGD, and can be found at the Children's section.

For the tl;dr crowd, here's a summary of the measurements, and my rough scale conversions:

  • Green side table - LACK - 7.1(W) x 5.85(H)cm or 2 3/4" x 2 9/32" - 1:8 scale
  • Yellow chair - PS VÅGÖ, 4.6cm or 1 3/4" seat height - 1:8 scale
  • Heart cushion - FAMNIG HJÄRTA, 6cm or 2 3/8" wide - 1:8 scale
  • Pink Sofa - KLIPPAN is 8.5(H) x 10.85(W) x 22(L)cm or 3 5/16" x 4 1/4" x 8 3/4" - 1:8 scale
  • White Shelf - EXPEDIT is 9.9(W) x 4.9(D) x 18.8(H)cm  3 7/8" x 1 15/16" x 7 3/8" - 1:8 scale
EDIT: So after thinking about it a little more last night, I decided to re-measure the PS VAGO at the highest seat point, and TADAH EVERYTHING IS APPROX 1:8 SCALE! those who are more finicky will figure out it's about 1:7.5, 1:7.6 ish, but for the general population i'm sure 1:8 works just fine XD Also, thanks to a couple of my friends who highlighted that the side table was the LACK! :D

YEAH! So although it's hardly strict dollhouse one inch scale, i'm sure there are many mini modern collectors out there who wouldn't mind having this set in their collection. Rather affordable too, for its quality. Just a fair warning though, it is quite heavy. Also, hope i'm not repeating myself, though it's highly probable that someone else has already blogged about this.....I'm just so excited to finally get this WHEEE!!!!!!!


  1. This was an awesome review!!! Thank you!

    ... time for a trip to Ikea 0_0

  2. Haha Heather, no problem at all, it was done mostly to figure out the scale....and an excuse to bring Clover out from hiding heheheh

    Have fun at IKEA!!!

  3. Good to know! Thanks for the review.

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