Sunday, January 27, 2013

1:12 Macaron Sets, a belated birthday gift, and larger scaled donuts

It has been some time since I made these, but have never gotten round to using them. I remember first coming across some beautiful macaron boxes, in a similar design while looking for some inspiration in making petit fours. The idea stuck in my mind, and whilst waiting for a friend's wedding dinner to start, i grabbed a pencil and paper, drew out the template in a random size, tore it out, test assembled it and stuck it in my purse.

fast forward too many months later, i pulled it out from my drawer of half-baked ideas and drew out a template using Inkscape. modified it a little from the original, toyed around with a few colours, and decided that these are the ones i most like. i think i'll start using green in my next batch, and i'll explain a little more later my new appreciation for green....:P

Photospam ahead :P Each set has a different mix of macarons!

1:12 scale dollhouse miniature macaron sets - polymer clay

aaaand, I've also made available printables of these in 1:12, 1:6, 1:4 and 1:3 sizes! so now your macarons can sit in a cute little box, designed by me for your personal use :) 
All available in my Etsy Store -


The bf is such a sweetie :) he surprised me with this dollhouse kit as part of my birthday surprise (back in Dec, i'm super pampered i know :P ).....and frankly i'm quite a terrible person to buy gifts for. Not only am i picky, there's hardly any space left in my room for personal effects now that i've shifted all my work stuff back into my bedroom :S I usually prefer a good meal with good company as i find such moments invaluable, and far more precious than an object i might not even appreciate :X

So when i received this, i was a little apprehensive. i'd never worked on a wooden dollhouse kit, other than the flimsy balsa wood kits i played with as a child. so opening this up and seeing the laser cut pieces, then measuring them and realizing they were 1:48.......AHHHH SO HAPPY!!!! mostly because it coincides with a purchase i've made recently....shhhhh it's a secret ;P

i looked through my stash of scrapbooking papers and decided on a colour scheme....this isn't exactly the sort of colour i would use for my own dollhouse, but the completed piece isn't destined for me ;) (that's a hint!)

i found the laser etched detailing a little too blah, so i added some basswood strips to give the window sills a little more dimension.
 The front door opens!
View from the back

aaaand, cos i have a few gachapon Sylvanian family sets, as well as some cheapo 1:48 furniture sets in my collection of toys........TADAH!~ SO CUTE. the knitted bear on the bed (or maybe crocheted?) is a gift from my friend Sue, and the knitted bunny and bear at the piano were made by me using a free pattern i found on Ravelry (i think i've blogged about it before but i'm in a rush.......AHHHH LATE FOR DATE)

From the front! Will probably add some flowers and more details to the lawn, but this was a complete surprise, and progress this far took me 3 whole days :O i have stuff to get back to'll do for now :)

WIP Donuts in 1:3 and 1:4/1:6 sizes :) Air dry clay
Decided to take more WIP pics, which means using my handphone/Instagram.

I'm on instagram can follow my progress there too! ^ ^

On a personal note, my health is improving slightly, and so am starting on commission work again ^ ^ Right now, my commission slots are full for Feb and Mar, but if you have any small requests (literally and figuratively XD ) do drop me a mail at snowfern at gmail dot com and I'll see if I can work on them alongside my current schedule :)


  1. Dearie,the house is wonderful,the colours are so cheerfull and bright, it's a cutie.
    But the boxes!!! ahhh, to die for! I love your modern pieces and these boxes are GORGEOUS!!!
    Fab work as usual I may add
    Hugs Ro
    Glad to know that you are feeling better ((^_^))

  2. *huggles* Rosanna~~~ thank you :) i'm feeling on top of the world! blogging more about why now ;)

    hope the world is treating you fabulously as well!!!


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