Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Miniature Seafood Dishes

1:12 miniature seafood dishes

handmade by me out of polymer clay!

 Listed here -

Ahma really likes this (as does my dad and bf, though they really shouldn't!)...each cockle is approx 2.5mm wide. This is quite popular in Singapore, am not sure how blood cockles are eaten elsewhere in the world, could anyone enlighten me?

I've shown this before, and have listed it -

i don't enjoy raw oysters, but i think many people do?

I like this platter more, because there's tartar sauce, and cos it looks a little more colourful :)

will be back to listing sweet stuff after my camera battery is fully recharged!


  1. Fabulous! One of the best that I have seen, Cindy! Great job.

    They have come and cleaned the place today. I shall call and get the furniture down .

  2. THANK YOU!! for both the compliments on my work, and for the room :D I'll drop by again to help put all the stuff into the cupboards (temporarily until you have time to sort it?), let me know when!

    Steph and I will be swimming this saturday if all goes to plan, you're more than welcome to join us! ^ ^

  3. That is so beautiful. I really love the details in each element, you truly are an observant crafter.

    Blood cockles are also eaten in Indonesia. :)

    Can't wait to see more creations.

  4. wonderful work!!! congratulatios!!! it is so real. hughs


  5. Thanks joaru! I think blood cockles may be more popular in Asian countries?

    Thank you Auxi! ^ ^

  6. Beautiful work! Blood cockles--I miss them. I was thinking how I haven't had any for years the other day. So yummy. So Brunei also likes them, heh.

  7. Hey Pei!! I hope you aren't homesick!! :( i only eat bloodcockles if they're in Laksa or Char kway teow, and often it depends on my mood too! and i take neither often, watching my weight....:X

  8. Cindy, they are fabulous, amazing, realer than real, you are out of this world!
    Hugs, Rosanna

  9. ROSANNA!! *warm hugs* thank you~!

  10. Always homesick. Laksa. Char Kway Teow! *____* I want some that I don't have to make myself *drools* What I make is no where near as nice as the stuff you can get on the streets of Asia.

  11. Cockels and mussles are often served with their broth, onion, garlic, herbs and white wine (French/Portuguese style) or with broth, tomato sauce and onion (Spanish style).
    I found your blog when I looked for "birds eye chili". I have restored an over 100 years old dolls house some years ago, and made most of interior things by hand. It's only two rooms, but it took it's time :)


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