Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lacking in time....


lol the dime looks like it's growing larger.

now let's watch it shrink.....

Restocked the goldfish crackers, these are new designs (flatter and more realistic) with laser-printed packages.....
1:12 Cheddar on the left and Original on the right :)

1:6 (Playscale, Barbie, Blythe, Pullip, YoSD)
Cheddar on the left, Original on the right

If you'd like these in larger sizes for your MSD or SD13/SD17, just contact me at snowfern at gmail dot com :)

all packed up and ready to go to France!

it seems i've been making the same old stuff, that's cos i'm trying to fulfill some requests as well as re-stock more of the popular items. but i have been working on some little different things along the way.....CNY is fast approaching (reunion dinner this sunday!!! am not even close to done with CNY cleaning gahh) and a number of my family members have been sick the past week, as if that weren't enough, poor bf has contracted hand foot mouth disease from his nephew and will be quarantined until 20th Jan :( so it has been a rather busy time for me.....i'm still hanging in there albeit with a sore shoulder! I have a new best friend too, a hot water bottle XD

back to work. :S


  1. I think your cookies are definitely worth repeating, again and again and again and again.

  2. poor thing - looks like you have your hands full! I have the school semester that just started and that is going to keep me very busy until April!

  3. Ummmm! me encantan las cookies.


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