Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Interview, Feature and Updates

aka 'shameless self promotion' lol. by the time i got round to this post, the July issue was made available, and there is another similar page, so i decided against posting it XD

a friend of mine recently interviewed me for this spanking new magazine that features heavily the local arts scene, and since this month's special is all about handicrafts, he asked if i wouldn't mind answering a few questions :) you can view it here!


i also finally start taking photos and putting up the larger scaled items over on DoA. for those who have access to the marketplace, you can view the thread and items available for sale here:


or email me for pricings at snowfern at gmail dot com. i have quite a number of other items yet to list, so stay tuned ^ ^

last saturday was so much fun!! photos are in the camera, but i'm all frustrated out (eh?) by all this picture taking stuff that imma go take a break before i tear out my hair. @ @ let's see how much more i can get done today....*wanders off disorientedly*


  1. Congrats on the interview! I really enjoy the magazine too!

    Also.. I'm still a few posts away from getting to the marketplace (I just feel weird about spamming the threads just to get access).. thanks for posting the pics for those who can't see! ;-)

  2. Well deserved "shameless self promotion!:D Congrats!

  3. Read the interview!! you deserve this and MUCH more.
    Missing a good mini talk like crazy.... have you ever done the sugar cubes? they still haunt me.
    Not so mini hugs, Rosanna

  4. I insist you must publish all your publications!

    Those pics of the donuts are damn good!

  5. Well if you don't self promote, how will we know what you are doing?
    I love your work!
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Congratulations on the features! :)

    These pics look marvelous, all professional! :)

  7. oh oh oh thank you all...it's been so warm i can't do any caning T-T so i'm finally getting round to replying comments ahhh -_-"~


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