Wednesday, February 9, 2011

pink pastries

1:12 polymer clay marie antoinette inspired st honore. commissioned request.

 i couldn't find my doilies (i eventually did looking for something else grrr) and used what was close at hand, a crochet'd doily that i had been planning to use when my prop table arrives. it's unfinished, as in i haven't tacked it nor sewn in the ends, i can say the same for about 7-8 other crochet'd items i have lying around beside my bed.

made strawberry versions, i can't say i like this design as much, the 'sugar flakes' aren't too visible, and the end product didn't turn out as i'd expected. ah well. try, try again!

is it just me, or were the CNY celebrations were rather quiet this year compared to the last?


  1. It is definitely quieter for me!

    3.30am and I am still awake!!!!! Helppppp!! Hopefully tomorrow I can sleep late.


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